1 Video work and 8 framing sheets

Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, arranged by Österlenskolan for Art & Design 2021

The work examines what home is in a post-anthropocentric time, with the support of female philosophical thinkers and my own experiences.

The separation between man and the rest of nature contributes to people's feeling of homelessness / rootlessness. In my art, I am interested in how the nature-culture divide can be transformed into entanglements / meetings / relationships.

To reimagine, to think in new ways in terms of homecoming, future - our common - my own - presupposes collaborations rather than exploitation and that will determine how it will be. "Who do you involve and how do you involve someone else to fill the gaps of your own understanding, and what happens when those others are not only humans”. " Maja Kuzmanovic

The work is dedicated to eight women and eight nettles that helped me understand the concept of home.