We originate from the water of everything, the sea.

This piece makes no distinction between the oceans and amniotic fluid.

The piece wants to remind us of our origin.

That we are connected to the water of everything.

If it is damaged, we are damaged.

A civilization in crisis.

Refrain is to leave room for someone else - other animals, the already existing children…

In glass bottles, the lost accumulates, as entrances to new worlds.

What are you willing to give up?


Fostervatten chapter 1 - 1 Video Work & 35 Glass bottles.

Rikstolvan, mentors Bigert & Bergström,arranged byÖsterlenskolan for Art & Design 2020

Fostervatten chapter 2- 2 Video Works.

Ystads Konstmuseum, mentor Conny Blom, arranged byÖsterlenskolan for Art & Design 2021

Fostervatten chapter 3 - 1 Audio Work & 1 Inscription (210 x 40 cm)

ÖSKG Art Walk Tjörnedala Österlen 2021 and Wallstreet Stockholm Nacka Kommun 2022