fostervatten (la mer la mère)

A civilization in crisis.

Refrain is to leave room for someone else - other animals, the already existing children…

In glass bottles, the lost accumulates, as entrances to new worlds.

What are you willing to give up?

Fostervatten chapter 1 - 1 Video work & 35 Glass bottles.

Shown at Rikstolvan, mentors Bigert & Bergström, arranged by Österlenskolan for Art & Design 2020

Fostervatten chapter 2- 2 Video works.

Shown at Ystads konstmuseum, mentor Conny Blom, arranged by Österlenskolan for Art & Design 2021

Fostervatten chapter 3 - 1 audio work & 1 inscription.

ÖSKG Art Walk Tjörnedala